Meet Our Teachers

Shining Star Waldorf School is home to some pretty incredible educators! Our Shining Star teachers are creative, experienced, passionate and motivated to provide your child with well-rounded Waldorf curriculum and an inspired view of the world.


Julie Gatti - Linden Tree Kindergarten

Ms. Julie Gatti began teaching at Shining Star School in 2004 as an assistant teacher in the Kindergarten. She began the Moonbeams preschool program for 3 & 4 year olds the following year, which she taught for 6 years. Then she became the Linden Tree Kindergarten teacher for the last 7 years! She also teaches the K after-care program each day. 

Ms. Julie received her Waldorf Teacher Training at the Michael Institute here in Portland. She creates a warm, loving & joyful environment for the young child. She has a gentle approach & honors each child's individual qualities.

She is originally from New York but has lived in Oregon since 2000. Her other interests and trainings are in herbal medicine, nutrition & bodywork. 



Laura JOhnson - 2nd grade

Ms. Laura Johnson joined Shining Star School in 2012. She was a Waldorf student herself through the grades and high school at the Porltand Waldorf School.  Ms. Laura has received multiple training certificates from the Steiner College in Sacramento and has been teaching "color through the grades" at the Magic of Waldorf Conference for several years.

 She is also a Portland artist, graduating with a Masters in painting from Pratt Institute in New York.  Many of her drawings, paintings and artworks can be seen around the school including a large mural on the outside walls.  She brings this artistry to both the school and the classes.  

Ms. Laura just graduated her middle school class and is excited to begin the journey again with her 1st graders the Fall!


Noa wotton - 3rd grade

Noa holds a certificate in Waldorf teaching from Rudolf Steiner College and a B.A. from Wesleyan University. He thinks that healthy, joyful education is really great. Before coming to Shining Star, he was a class teacher at a Waldorf-inspired charter school in Colorado. Before that, he taught at a mainstream public school. Sometimes, if he’s not in town, Noa can be found leading wilderness trips and coordinating outdoor programs. Noa just finished teaching first grade for the first time in a Waldorf school, and he loves it.


Marsha Johnson - 4th/5th grade

Mrs. Johnson founded the school in 2003 with two Family Playgroups.  She began her teaching career in Waldorf as a sub for the Portland Waldorf School, where her 3 children attended.  She was co-founder of Cedarwood Waldorf School and taught there for six years.  Her background includes study of anthroposophy, and she has a deep love and appreciation for children and their parents.  Mrs. Johnson has degrees in Economics, Speech & Hearing Communication, and Auditory Science (Doctoral degree).  


Chi moore - 4th/5th grade

  Chi is a Waldorf certified teacher, with seven years of experience teaching in Waldorf schools. For him, this is the culmination and the epitome of teaching, after many years in a variety of educational settings. He taught both as a wolf educator and a nuclear facility trainer. Then, with graduate school education, became a community college instructor, while simultaneously becoming a yoga teacher - using the scientific methods of inquiry and reasoned analysis on one hand, and using intuition, clarity and spiritual insight on the other. In some ways, these skills blended together to become the foundation of Waldorf teaching and its underlying principals rooted in Anthroposophy.   
        "The joy of classroom teaching with the children of Shining Star is an ever sustaining source of creativity.  The honor of working with such a talented faculty who are indeed remarkable and inspiring makes teaching here an endeavor which uncountable benefits. The kind and compassionate nature of our community feels like being surrounded by extended family."


emily tilton - 6th/7th grade

Ms. Emily has been teaching for 20 years, most recently at Shining Star.  Her past includes public school and private school teaching, homeschooling her daughters, homeschool co-op teaching, and teaching teachers at The Art Center in Pasadena's Summer Institute for Teachers, as well as tutoring in small groups and one on one. She has a MA in Design Based Learning - a teaching technique used to reach into student's minds and draw out deeper thinking, while still teaching the subject matter assigned. 

Ms. Emily discovered Shining Star when she was searching for an alternative to public school for her two daughters. Here, she learned about Waldorf teaching- educating the whole child through art, music, handwork, movement, and imagination so they become independent, thinking adults.

These experiences informed Emily's teaching in a unique, creative way.  She has many resources at her disposal and the ability to invent new ways to help students who experience difficulty.