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Shining Star offers education in grades 1 – 8. Class sizes are intentionally small to allow teachers to give more one-on-one time to each child. We offer head, heart and hands education for the whole child using traditional and innovative Waldorf education techniques. In 2018-19, we will offer Gr 1, Ms. Laura Johnson, Gr 2, Mr. Noa Wotton, Gr 3-4, Mrs. Marsha Johnson, Grade 5-6,  Ms. Emily Tilton.

A variety of experts in their fields will come in to teach subject lessons for each grade. Included are: flute playing, handwork, German language, games, strings, band instruments, folk dance, choir, and more. We also offer after school classes in drama, language, math club and orchestra.

Allowing for a gentle transition from Kindergarten, 1st grade (singularly among the grades) runs from 9am to 1:30pm, and aftercare is available.  All other grades are 9am-3:10pm. Aftercare for grades children until 5 pm.

Grade 1 Focus

  • Fairy tales from around the world and nature stories
  • Math – Counting to 144 in rhythm games, the Four Processes, Multiplication Tables
  • Science – Natural exploration of the world through the senses, gardening, cooking, the Four Kingdoms
  • Language Arts – Literature, vocabulary, poetry, recitation, letter sounds, blends, common words
  • History – Introduced through fairy tales and poetry, ancient nature lore, wisdom focus
  • Languages – Introduced to German through songs and play
  • Handwork – Knitting a small stuffed cat helps develop motor skills and counting and Russian Lessons
  • Music – Group singing, begin pentatonic flute lessons,

Grade 2 Focus

  • Saints and Inspirational People, Jataka Tales, Anansi Stories, and Folk Tales
  • Math – Tables, 4 processes, Borrowing & Carrying, Logic Games, Symmetry Exploration
  • Science – Exploration of the Weather, Natural Forces, Cooking, Physics with Motion and Movement
  • History – Ancient moral teachings of Ancient India, Buddha, African Stories, Inspiring Humans
  • Language Arts – Reading practice, Word Families, Blends, Common words, vocabulary, poetry, recitation
  • Languages – Practice German by ear, imitating teacher through songs, poems and games
  • Handwork – Knitting more difficult projects develops sense of form and color
  • Music – Group singing and pentatonic flute lessons, Ear training, Rhythm and Self Control

Grade 3 Focus 

  • Practical Arts and Farming Year, much hands on and in the field learning this year
  • Math – Practical applications through measuring and farming. Introduction to long division.
  • Science – Water Soil Sun Cycle, Composting, Cheesemaking, Yeast cultures, farming, animal tending, Weather and Climate.
  • Language Arts – Beginning grammar through writing simple reports and descriptions, master cursive writing, Shelters Report
  • History – History of the Hebrew People (Oldest recorded history), farming stories and a shelter project: build a model house and write a short report.
  • Languages – German class splits into beginning and advanced groups, practice writing in lesson book
  • Handwork – Beginning crochet, making round pencil pouch, hat, granny square pillow, other projects
  • Music – Singing in the round, playing pentatonic flutes, begin violins, cellos in spring

Grade 4 Focus 

  • Ancient Norse Mythology and Native American Culture, Oregon State History
  • Math – Begin word problems through stories, Fractions, increase 4 process skills, homework
  • Science – Introduction to Zoology through the relationship between man and animals, 2 blocks
  • Language Arts – 9 parts of speech, writing, reading, Runes, short reports, summaries, definitions, spelling homework
  • History –Old Testament,  stories of Native Americans and two-night stay to celebrate Potlatch, a reenactment of Pacific Northwest Native American tribes.
  • Languages – Begin grammar transition to more individual speaking
  • Handwork – Make cross stitch patches to learn balanced design, create lifetime handwork bag with project
  • Music – Choir and singing in harmony;  string instrument: violin or cello

Grade 5 Focus

  • Ancient Civilizations including Greece, Mesopotamia, China, India,  and Egypt
  • Math -Decimals, percentages, review fractions, complex problems, freehand geometry
  • Science – Introduction to Biology through plant life cycle and it’s relation to Earth
  • History – Study ancient civilizations through mythology and biographies of historical figures
  • Languages – Greek, choir and writing music, learning to play violin and cello year two
  • Handwork – Knitting in the round; making socks to fit teaches form and shape
  • Music – Choir; learning to play in small string ensembles
  • Writers Workshop, Percussion Lesson Junk Band, Games and Olympiad in the spring

Grade 6 Focus

  • Roman and Medieval History
  • Math – Introduction to economics (profit and loss) through making and selling items
  • Science – Study physics through experiments in sound, heat, light and electricity
  • Language Arts – Focus on writing compositions and formal letters, reading original volumes about history, preparing reports on various aspects of the main subjects to present and projects to emphasize study
  • History – Study ancient influences on cultural development, advancements, society, warfare, religion and philosophy through novels, poetry and song.
  • Languages -More advanced studies in grammar, tense, vocabulary and more in German
  • Handwork – Sewing stuffed animals teaches pre-planning and follow-through
  • Music – Start a wind or brass instrument, Band
  • Writer’s Workshop, Percussion Band, Games, Sports, Medieval Games in the Spring
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Grade 7 Focus

  • Renaissance Studies to beginning of Industrial Ages, worldwide point of view of explorers from China to Polynesians,
  • Age of Invention, Study of the Advancing use of machines, hydro power, and mechanisms that changed human history
  • Chemistry, Anatomy, Reproductive Function in the Human Body
  • Physics of Light, Mechanics, Magnetism
  • Doll making, Calligraphy
  • Track and Field Meet, Writers workshop, Percussion band, sports

Grade 8 Focus

  • Industrial Age to early 1900s, study of the rise of the Machine, metallurgy, changes in manufacturing
  • Biology, Chemistry, Thermodynamics, Machines
  • Machine Sewing of clothing and quilts, pillow cases
  • Algebra, geometry, problem soliving
  • Economics, Banking, Stock Market
  • Geometry with protractor and compass
  • Eighth Grade Project–year long project
  • Apprenticeship Project—as desired
  • Writers’ Workshop, Percussion band, Games, Track n Field Meet