Our talented pool of teachers love children and are dedicated to Waldorf education.  At Shining Star Waldorf School our faculty strives to promote a healthy and healing learning environment, encouraging social consciousness and compassion.

Mrs. Marsha Johnson – Grades 2-3 


Mrs. Johnson founded the school in 2003 with two Family Playgroups.  She began her teaching career in Waldorf as a sub for the Portland Waldorf School, where her 3 children attended.  She wasco-founder of Cedarwood Waldorf School and taught there for six years.  Her background includes study of anthroposophy and she has a deep love and appreciation for children and their parents.  Mrs. Johnson has degrees in Economics, Speech & Hearing Communication, and Auditory Science (Doctoral degree).


Ms. Julie Gatti – Linden Tree Kindergarten

(ages 3-6)

Mr. Noa Wotton – Grade 1


Ms. Laura Johnson –

Grades 7-8



Tante Jocelyn Mueller - German Language

Ms. Heidi Vorst - Folkdance 1-8

Mr. Torsti Rovainen - Band & Theater Club

Ms. Glorianna Minden - Handwork

Ms. Lisa Giachinno - Handwork

Mr. Julien Munske - Percussion Band 5-8

Ms. Kristin Owens - Singing and Band

Ms. Emily Tilton - Writing Workshop  4-8

Ms. Elizabeth Neeley - Naturalist, Wild Nest 0-5 years