Waldorf: 100 Years Strong!

We are one of the smaller schools in the Portland Area, but we are full
fledged members of our National Organization, AWSNA, the
Association of Waldorf Schools of North America. We are celebrating
100 years of Waldorf education in the world, and there are well over
1200 recognized schools and about 3000 K initiatives started up in
countries far and wide, on every continent, even one that takes place in
a very unfortunately poverty stricken location with a teacher who
gathers up discards for useable items to teach these extremely poor

Waldorf is magical and has been from the very start, in providing a type
of education that fully expands the child’s capacity for joyful healthy
balanced learning. The graduates of Waldorf schools can be recognized
it has been said, by their bright thinking, their resilient problem solving
ideas, and moreover, by their very developed capacity to relate to
other human beings and every living thing!

That is quite a statement: to be able to empathize, relate, listen, reach
out, assist, lead, organize, perceive, solve and forge close relationships
with other people! In an era when the world is quickly dividing us into
screen starting hypnotized consumers, Waldorf stands alone in its
commitment to the living beings of this beautiful world, people,
animals, plants and the very stones that make up our landscape.
Precious beyond value, the families and children who come seeking
something different, already know that something different is lacking in
this complicate world, and we can be very positive in our work at the
school, seeing immediately the happy effect of the curriculum, subjects,

activities, and movements that help our students blossom and grow in
the most wonderful way.
Waldorf education is about the whole child, the preservation of
childhood and wonder, the growing of the imaginative qualities that are
so desperately needed in our communities, and we promise to deliver
the best possible form of Waldorf education possible!

Please come join us in 2018 as we joyfully travel on towards the future
with our kind creative caring families.