October has arrived. The school has enjoyed another Dragonfest which celebrates the presence of Micha-el, the archangel who towers over the world at this time and who is present in our hearts and minds as we press forward into the change of seasons. The iron will of the great figure, who is present in many cultures in different forms, represents the initiative and new energy that permeates the world and in human beings to do good works, take on good deeds, form new opportunities to care for one another and the community. We can see the evidence all around us with changing colors in Mother Nature, rapidly changing capacities of the children, the eager breathtaking faces ready to learn something new, do something new, take on a hard task like climbing a steep hill, trying a new food, learning something amazing and inspiring!  Adults, too, feel this sensation and this is a wonderful time to try out something new in your life - take up a hobby, a study, a book group, learn a new language or say yes to an adventure that has been waiting.

At the school, having kneaded and formed, then baked and eaten our traditional Dragon Bread, we are ready to tackle October in our studies and skills. Each age is presented with the perfect material for that stage of life, as we press forward with some traditional and non traditional topics. We still place a high value on penmanship, and our students do study and master the beautiful art of cursive handwriting.  Writing is such a human gift, and we begin with printing large capital letters in grade 1, then lower case in grade 2, then cursive in grades 2-3, then learning Hebrew alphabet in grade 3, runes in grade 4, Greek in grade 5 as well as cuneiform, then Latin in grade 6, calligraphy in grade 7, and these skill areas are practiced as both an art form and a skill form.

Children earn a real ink fountain pen in grade 4 by working hard to write a perfect sentence. These special pens are kept in good shape and valued as the teacher crochets a very pretty hand made pen case to store this precious item in.  We place high value on the traditional arts, and to see a class of children on a dark fall day, writing carefully by the light of a beeswax votive candle just nearby, is a beautiful sight.

Our school is constantly remaking itself and examining our classes, subjects, site and community needs.  This year we completed a gorgeous shed to store our play items safely and the children are loving its use as a clubhouse, too.  Several smaller wooden homes joined our playground which adds to the fun and adventures at recess and play.  

We are still seeking one family to join our Monday Moonbeams class with Ms. Kristin Luce, and both Wild Nest and Nature Immersion Fridays (ages 4-14) have a few precious spots open.  Please contact us to share with these wonderful teachers and classes, your special selves.

Blessings on the Fall!  The Autumn Winds Blow Open the Gate, St. Micha-el, for You We Wait!

Mrs. Marsha Johnson